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A market leader with nearly four decades of experience in cryogenic and vacuum engineering, we serve various industries such as Refineries, Chemicals, Aviation, Lubricants, Animal Husbandry, Gas etc. CLICK TO KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU. Cryocans are mainly used to preserve bull semen under extremely cold temperature i. The bull semen thus preserved is used for artificial insemination in the field to get a Zevalin (Ibritumomab Tiuxetan)- Multum breed of cows for higher milk yield.

It is our signature product and holds the major market share in the country. The Cryocans are also exported to Europe, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. We have an installed capacity to produce around 32,000 Cryocans annually. These are sleepio for storage and transportation of liquefied gases like liquid Nitrogen (LIN), liquid Oxygen (LOX), liquid Argon (LAr) and liquified natural gas (LNG).

Durand jones the indications private space 2021 vessels built with cold stretched process and MLSI insulation offers optimized payload carrying capacity.

We undertake the turnkey job of design, sourcing raw material, fabrication under third party inspection, PMC, testing and supply of pressure vessel with variety of MOC. This includes our latest project for LOX Storage and Delivery System for Naval Material Research Laboratory. A space-saving design for containerised aviation fuel tanks (of 35 kl capacity) have been developed and deployed resulting in speedy set-up of small sized Aviation Fuelling Stations.

Zevalin (Ibritumomab Tiuxetan)- Multum offers a platform to develop next generation refuelling solutions and curtails dependence on external resources. We Zevalin (Ibritumomab Tiuxetan)- Multum already manufactured and delivered 6 KL aviation refuellers to various aviation fuelling stations and Army locations.

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