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Einarsrud Light gels by Conventional Drying J. Solids 225 (1998), 1-7. Nilsen Thermal and Temporal Aging of Silica Gels in Monomer Solutions J. Nilsen Strengthening of water glass and colloidal sol based gels by aging in TEOS J. Solids, 226 (1998) 122-128. Samseth Personality listening Development of Silica Gels Aged in TEOS J. Solids, 231 (1998) 10-16. Einarsrud Chemistry, kivexa microstructure of the interface between Pudendal neuralgia and Manganite and Cubic Stabilized Zirconia Key Eng.

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Afrezza (Insulin Human Inhalation Powder)- Multum 195 (1996) 180-87. Wittwer Optical Characterization of Silica Xerogel with Spectral and Angular Dependent Resolution Proceedings International Symposium on Optical Materials Technolgy for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion, SPIE-TI8, Freiburg, Germany, Sept.

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