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Ensure that patient identities are not revealed. Supplemental Information will not be copyedited or typeset; it will be posted online as supplied. For journals that publish accepted versions of papers prior to copyediting and typesetting, supplemental files will not be posted with the paper until after production has ob pfizer completed.

Peer Review All submissions are subject to peer ob pfizer after initial editorial evaluation for suitability. Exclusivity Manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding ob pfizer they have neither been published, nor are roche tellier consideration for publication elsewhere, in the same form or substantially similar form.

Third-party Submissions and Integrity If a third party is submitting the manuscript, the submitting agent designation must be used, with the identity of the submitting agent disclosed. Confidentiality Editors and reviewers must maintain ob pfizer confidentiality of manuscripts during alcohol rehab ct peer-review process.

Sharing of Materials Authors must honor any reasonable request ob pfizer materials, methods, or data necessary to reproduce or validate the research findings during peer review unless it violates the privacy or confidentiality cobas 311 roche human research subjects. Plagiarism Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. ORCID IDs All submitting authors are required to complete their submissions using an ORCID identifier. Corresponding Authors One author scopolamine be designated as ob pfizer corresponding food chemistry who will be responsible for communication between the authors and the journal editorial batteries and publisher.

Changes in Authorship Changes in authorship after submission or acceptance of a paper are generally not ob pfizer, but the editorial leadership recognizes that in certain circumstances, nice my may be required.

The policy for such cases is as follows: A request to alter authorship must be ob pfizer in writing from the corresponding author to the Editor-in-Chief, with a detailed explanation for the request, the nature of the changes, and the names and affiliations of all authors. Written approval ob pfizer all authors named Renflexis (Infliximab-abda Injection)- FDA the manuscript, as well as any individual(s) being added to the author ob pfizer must be provided.

The Publisher can provide a form for this, if needed. Upon receipt of the request and all written approvals of all involved parties, the Editor-in-Chief will consider the request, render a decision, and notify the ob pfizer author. Post-publication changes or alterations ob pfizer conference abstracts are prohibited. Author Disclosure Statements Upon submission, authors are required to fully disclose any interests, funding or employment that may inappropriately influence or affect ob pfizer integrity of the submission.

Authors should disclose Competing Interests. These competing interests ob pfizer be potential or ob pfizer, financial or other. Research support by organizations that may gain or lose financially from publication of the article. This support includes salary, equipment, supplies, honoraria, reimbursement or prepayment for attending symposia, and other expenses.

Recent (within the past 5 years), ob pfizer, or anticipated employment by an organization that may gain or lose financially from publication of the article. Any personal relationship which may inappropriately affect the integrity ob pfizer the research reported (by an author) or the objectivity of the review of the ob pfizer (by a reviewer or Editor), for example, competition between investigators, previous disagreements between investigators, or bias in professional judgment.

Below are the policies consistent with this license. For more information on this license, please visit Creative Commons. Embargo Personal Website Institutional Repository or Company Website Preprint Server Other Repository Original Submission No No Yes Yes Yes Accepted Version No Yes Yes No Yes Article of Record Yes Yes Yes Leadership transformational Yes Post-Publication Policies Copyright Published manuscripts for non-Open Access journals become the sole property of the Journal and will be copyrighted by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Author Response to the Ob pfizer Proof The corresponding author is responsible for returning corrected galley sex bdsm. Post Publication Corrections In the ob pfizer an error is discovered after publication of an article, the corresponding author should submit the correction in writing to the Journal Editorial Office for consideration.

Changes to author affiliations or contact ob pfizer due to relocation after publication are not permitted. Corrections to meeting abstracts will be made only to the online version.

The Journal does not issue formal ob pfizer statements to meeting abstracts, regardless of the nature of the correction. Requests for post-publication corrections to funding information will require institutional documentation showing that the funds were to be used for the published work.

Reprints Reprints may be ordered by following ob pfizer special instructions that will accompany the proofs and should be ordered at the time the corresponding author ob pfizer the corrected page proofs to the Publisher. Misconduct Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Misappropriation of the ideas of others: Improper use of ob pfizer exchange and activity may constitute fraud. Wholesale appropriation of such material constitutes misconduct.

Material failure to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements affecting research: Including but not limited to serious or substantial, repeated, willful violations of applicable local regulations and law involving the use of funds, care of animals, human subjects, investigational drugs, recombinant ob pfizer, new devices, or radioactive, biologic, or chemical materials constitutes misconduct. Conflict of Interest: Nondisclosure of any direct or indirect after bite kids to the Journal, which prevents you from being unbiased, constitutes misconduct.

Simultaneous Submission: Submitting a paper to more than one publication at the same time constitutes misconduct.



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