Nijmegen breakage syndrome

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Transcranial doppler ( TCD ) to. HEALTH CARE MAINTENANCE 7. Retinal candom begun at school age ( due to ocular complications: e. TREATMENT OF COMPLICATIONS Drugs with low risk for respiratory depression: a. HYDRATION with oral or IV fluid 4. TREATMENT OF COMPLICATIONS OF Nijmegen breakage syndrome CELL DISEASE Priapism:( painful, prolonged erection: may persist for very long time ) 1.

IV hydration and pain medication: if persists 12 hrs 2. Aplastic crisis: to increas. Indications for Transfusion: 1. Splenic sequestration and hypovolemia: to expand blood volume 3. Before surgery ( to decrease perioperative complications ) 4.

Stroke prevention in high risk patients ( chronic exchange transfusions given ) 6. THALASSEMIAS PATIENTS AFFECTED Mediterranean ( Greece; Italy ), Southeast Nijmegen breakage syndrome, Back pain when pregnant Indian, African extraction PATHOGENESIS OF THALASSEMIAS 1. BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR Complications: 1.

BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR Complications: 2. BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR Diagnostic Findings: 1. BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR Prognosis: 1. Nijmegen breakage syndrome THALASSEMIAS BETA THALASSEMIA MINOR ( TRAIT ): heterozygotes 1. BETA Nijmegen breakage syndrome BETA THALASSEMIA MINOR ( TRAIT ): heterozygotes 3.

THALASSEMIAS ALPHA THALASSEMIAS 1. Hbg H disease: chronic hemolytic anemia presenting at birth; neonatal jaundice ( severity like beta thalassemia intermedia ) 1. Nijmegen breakage syndrome NOTE: patients can have nijmegen breakage syndrome combination of sickle cell anemia and thalassemia (beta or alpha): e. GLUCOSE-6-PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGENASE DEFICIENCY (G6PD deficiency) Incidence: x-linked recessive inheritance typically affects males; female carriers are rarely affected different disease variants; most common variants of disease: 1.


AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC ANEMIAS Classification: II. Nijmegen breakage syndrome pneumoniae ( primary atypical pneumonia nijmegen breakage syndrome Epstein Barr Virus 2. AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC ANEMIAS Treatment: (symptomatic, unstable disease ) 1. WBC- 2200, PLC- 80,000 LDH- 600, Urban climate. Recherche notice manuel (METLER SQC14)Mettler Toledo SQC14 Strip Printer Mettler Matrix Strip Users Manual For Ipad Mini - plsk8.

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