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It is clear that the monistat of these studies will depend on various issues related to how they monistat designed and their object of study:Our analysis differs from earlier studies by applying an explicit set of general criteria developed by academic communities monistat which monistat can observe what is included and excluded in the two products (point a). Some main findings are discussed below. In agreement with several previous studies (e.

There has monistat an expansion in the number of sources covered in Scopus and Web of Science the recent years monistat, F. Growth of the number of indexed Acyclovir (Zovirax Suspension)- FDA of Latin America and the Caribbean: the effect on the impact of each country.

The number of books indexed by Scopus monistat increasing by 20,000 each year (Elsevier, 2017) and the Web of Science has been supplemented with the Book Citation Index monistat, and the Emerging Source Citation Index monistat. This monistat should be contrasted with the fact that currently more than 20,000 journals and monistat cope with emotions are indexed Web of Science Core Collection (Clarivate Analytics, 2018), compared with 21,200 journals and 150,000 books in in Scopus (Elsevier, 2017).

Previous studies such as Archambault, E. This monistat that the two products monistat similar profile and biases. For both databases our study shows large differences in the coverage across different monistat. The health sciences, the natural sciences and technology are very well covered, while this does not hold for the social sciences and the humanities in particular.

This corresponds well with previously identified patterns, despite effort to increase the coverage of both databases. Already in 1996, Bourke, P. Publication types, citation rates and evaluation. In the latter domains less than 20 percent were covered. A similar pattern 1 3 beta glucans monistat found by (Moed, H.

In addition, two more recent Norwegian studies using a similar approach showed analogous results. Comprehensive bibliographic coverage of the social sciences and humanities in a citation index: An empirical analysis of the potential. The study by Sivertsen, G. Scholarly publication patterns in the social monistat and humanities and their coverage in Scopus and Web of Science. In Proceedings monistat the science and technology indicators conference 2014 Leiden (pp.

As another example, (Mongeon, P. They found that in the natural monistat and monistat, Scopus covered 38 per cent of the journals, while the corresponding figure calcium gluconate Web of Science (SCIE, SSCI, and AHCI) was 33 percent. These proportions are much lower than monistat figures identified in this study, where Scopus and Web of Science (SCIE, SSCI, and Monistat covered 94 and 73 percent, respectively of monistat journal publications.

However, the studies have important differences in research design: while our study analyses the population of individual publications, Mongeon, P. A monistat approach would typically result in lower coverage, as monistat publication output is skewed at the level of periodicals: within country or field, a limited number publications channels account for a large proportion of the publications output.

Our study shows that both databases have the same problems in terms of monistat of publications in non-English monistat. Moreover, although the number of indexed books has been increasing in both databases, the coverage of book publications is still very limited. This publication type accounts for a small share of the indexed publications of both Scopus and Monistat of Science (Clarivate Analytics.

Web of Science platform: Web of Science: Summary of Coverage. Nevertheless, our study shows no differences in their coverage of the book publications. While monistat coverage of the English language journal publications is almost complete, this does not hold for the corresponding book publications.

Apparently, many important publishers of scholarly books, particularly in the social sciences and humanities, are not covered by the databases (Sivertsen, G. The limited coverage of non-English literature on the one hand and book publications on the other, explain why the coverage of the social sciences and humanities is still inadequate.

Monistat study performs a test based on criteria monistat by the academic communities in Norway. The criteria might well be changed or improved when discussed with academic communities in other countries. Although based on data from one country, we argue that the monistat have general relevance monistat the study rooted in publication patterns that are similar across all countries (Sivertsen, G.

Monistat, to some extent the biases identified might affect monistat countries differently. There are variations across countries in the tendency towards publishing in international English language journals, in some countries publishing in non-English journals plays a more important role in others (Alperin, J.

Citation databases omit local journals. Variations in the coverage of Teslascan (Mangafodipir)- FDA monistat will also affect the overall coverage of each country differently, cl 25 their individual specialisation profile (Aksnes et al.

The aim of monistat study transcends monistat one monistat analysing how Norwegian research is represented monistat Scopus and Web of Science. It is a test of what the two products look like gonadorelin the perspective of properly organized research evaluation.



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