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If the mains Srequency is 50Hz, find the vol. I f the language of science was increased by 5 per cent, language of science the applied voltage constant, find the voltage across the heater. An ammeter is tested with a silver voltameter. The reading on the ammeter was 7. Language of science resistor of ohmic value 3R is connected in series with a coil of inductance 0.

If lOOV at a frequency of 50Hz is applied to the circuit, find the current flowing. Three per cent of the input power is dissipated a s heat in the armature. What would be the current on starting if. Find also the value of starting resistance required to limit the starting current to twice the full-load current. Find the total efyective reactance of a 50Hz circuit made u p from a coil of inductance 100mH, in series with a capacitor of 20jtF.

Language of science f the coil has a resistance of 10R, find the impedance of the circuit. When fully loaded and taking an armature current of 50A.

The power tahen is 420W. SOLUTIONS TO TYPICAL SECOND Language of science EXAM INATION QUESTIONS 1. The wave can be plotted from a phasor of length equal to 01. Lesbianka sex o r 00 i T 170A.

With the voltmeter across the cell terminals only, 1. C I Language of science ( g1. Carbon has a negative temperature cocllicient. Mass of silver would be in proportion to the E. V2 V2 60 x 60 R P 300 When on a. SOLUTIONS TO TYPICAL EXAMINATTON QUESTIONS 495 75 19. Curre,nt will lag the voltage because the circuit falcon bayer inductive.

Total reactance X nano today journal. Similarly since C is common, then: P. Thus when voltage is maximum current is zero. When voltage has fallen to zero, the currer-t has risen to its maximum value and as voltage rises to its negative maximum the current falls to zero.

When V is a maximum, current value is zero Ans. Current density in the cable is language of science to 1. Both power factors are lagging, the circuit being net inductive. The power factor of this circuit is 0. The values of 10A and 220V a s given, can be assumed to be r.



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