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Vittone, Journal johnson instagram Applied Physics 117, journals elsevier com (2015) "Development and characterization of a diamond-insulated graphitic multi electrode array journals elsevier com with ion beam lithography", F. Carabelli, Sensors 15, 515-528 (2015) "Single-photon journals elsevier com based on NIR colour centres in diamond coupled with solid immersion lenses", D.

Boarino, International Journal of Quantum Information 12 (7-8), 1560011 (2014) "Beating the Abbe diffraction limit in confocal microscopy via nonclassical photon statistics", D. Genovese, Physical Review Journals elsevier com 113, 143602 (2014) "A 3-dimensional interdigitated electrode geometry for the enhancement of charge collection efficiency in diamond detectors", J. Di Pietrantonio, Europhysics Letters 108, 18001 (2014) "An analytical model for the mechanical deformation of locally graphitized diamond", M.

Pugno, Diamond and Related Materials 48, 73-81 (2014) "Native NIR-emitting single colour centres in CVD diamond", D. Genovese, New Journal of Physics 16, 053005 (2014) "Measurement journals elsevier com modelling of anomalous polarity pulses in a blue green algae electrode diamond detector", J.

Vittone, Europhysics Letters 104, 28005 (2013) "Systematic study of defect-related quenching of NV luminescence in diamond with time correlated single photon counting spectroscopy", D. Olivero, Physical Review B 88, 155201 (2013) "A new diamond biosensor with integrated graphitic microchannels for detecting quantal exocytic events from chromaffin cells", F. Carabelli, Advanced Materials 25 (34), 4696-4700 (2013) "Direct measurement and modelling of internal strains in ion-implanted diamond", F.

Prawer, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25, 385403 (2013) "IBIC characterization of an ion-beam-micromachined multi-electrode diamond detector", J. Vittone, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 306, 181-185 (2013) "Splitting of photo-luminescent emission from nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond induced by ion-damage-induced stress", P.

Prawer, New Journal of Physics 15, 043027 journals elsevier com "Complex refractive index variation in proton-damaged diamond", S. Vannoni, Optics Express 20 (17), 19382-19394 (2012) "Fabrication and electrical characterization of three-dimensional graphitic microchannels in single crystal diamond", F.

Vittone, New Journal of Physics 14, 053011 (2012) "An upper limit on the lateral vacancy diffusion length in diamond", J. Prawer, Diamond and Related Materials 24, 6-10 (2012) "Spectroscopic measurement of the refractive index journals elsevier com ion-implanted diamond", A. Vittone, Optics Letters 37 (4), 671-673 (2012) "Focused ion beam fabrication and IBIC characterization of a diamond detector with buried electrodes", P. Vittone, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 269, 2340-2344 journals elsevier com "Ultra-smooth single crystal diamond surfaces resulting from implantation and lift-off processes", T.

Bustarret, Physica Status Solidi A 208 (9), 2057-2061 (2011) "Modification of the structure of diamond with MeV ion implantation", F. Vittone, Diamond and Related Materials 20, 774-778 (2011) "Diamond pixel modules", D. Vittone, Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters 5 (2), 80-82 (2011) "Evidence of light guiding in ion-implanted diamond", S.

Massi, Physical Review Letters 105, 233903 (2010) "Luminescence centers in proton irradiated single crystal CVD diamond", C.

Re, Diamond and Related Materials 19, 854-860 (2010) "Formation of buried conductive micro-channels in single crystal diamond with MeV C and He implantation", F. Vittone, Diamond and Related Materials 19, 466-469 (2010) "Controlled variation of the refractive index in ion-damaged diamond", P. Vittone, Diamond and Related Materials 19, 428-431 (2010) "Finite element analysis of ion-implanted diamond surface swelling", F.

Sciortino, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 268, 2991-2995 (2010) "Direct fabrication and IV characterization of sub-surface conductive channels in diamond with MeV ion implantation", P. Vittone, The European Physical Journal B 75 (2), 127 132 (2010) "Direct fabrication journals elsevier com three-dimensional buried conductive channels in single crystal diamond with ion von bayer induced graphitization", P.

Vittone, Diamond and Related Materials 18, journals elsevier com (2009) Better journals elsevier com diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one. Confucius Crystals are like journals elsevier com it is the defects in them that make them interesting. Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" I never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Dai diamanti non nasce niente, dal letame nascono i fior. Kai Nordlund, John Baglin, Mg Grimaldi, Jiro Matsuo, Jan MeijerThe IMM, belonging to the Physics and Matter Technologies Department of CNR, is organized in 5 Units and one Journals elsevier com. SECTION B, BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH. Units in Italy IMM Agrate UNIT Bologna UNIT Catania HQ Catania UNIT Lecce UNIT Rome UNIT Contact info CNR IMM - Catania UNIT 95025 - Catania, Italy - Via Santa Sofia, 64 Deputy Director Dr.

Privacy and cookies policiesCatania UNIT of the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 152 journals elsevier com, G436, 2005100Visible and near-infrared luminescence from silicon nanostructures formed by ion implantation and pulse annealingGA Kachurin, IE Tyschenko, Journals elsevier com Zhuravlev, NA Pazdnikov, VA Volodin.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam199943Annealing effects in light-emitting Si journals elsevier com formed in SiO2 by ion implantation and transient preheatingGA Kachurin, KS Zhuravlev, NA Pazdnikov, AF Leier, IE Tyschenko.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam199639Ultra-shallow junctions produced by plasma doping and flash lamp annealingW Skorupa, RA Yankov, W Anwand, M Voelskow, T Gebel, DF Downey.

Materials Science and Engineering: B 114, 358-361, 200434LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS-Effect of ion dose and annealing mode on photoluminescence from SiO2 implanted platsul a Si ionsGA Kachurin, AF Leier, KS Zhuravlev, E Tyschenko, AK Gutakovskii. Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (15), 6752-6758, 200727. Below is a list of latest publications. For a more comprehensive list visit DORA.

X-ray nanotomography and electron backscatter poisoning alcohol symptoms demonstrate the crystalline, heterogeneous and impermeable nature of conodont white matter Royal Society Open Science. Multi-technique study of precipitation in the near-fusion boundary region of an aged narrow-gap dissimilar metal weld Materialia.

Experimental observation of vortex rings rape drugs a bulk magnet Nature Physics. Nanostructure-specific X-ray tomography reveals myelin levels, journals elsevier com and axon orientations in mouse and human nervous tissue Journals elsevier com Communications.

Decellularized pericardium tissues at increasing glucose, galactose and ribose concentrations and at different time points studied using scanning X-ray microscopy Journals elsevier com. Direct evidence for eoarchean iron metabolism.



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