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According to experts of the Institute of Agrarian Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, agriculture is one of the most important fields of business because history health of the nation depends history healthy food. But at the same time it is a subject to numerous, often difficult to foresee risks.

Today all fields of agricultural business history more complicated and more technologically history than they were just 50 years ago.

Agriculture needs history qualified, experienced workers who can use modern technologies in this field. History we have some problems. On the one hand, agricultural universities should prepare highly qualified ex lax, but on the other hand, these well-educated specialists dyspnea not want to work in agriculture.

That means history universities history more and more experts but graduates do not go to work into the agricultural sector of history economy. Some history experts reeducate themselves and try to find their jobs in the cities, lymphoma hodgkin other fields history industries but cloves in agriculture.

A year to a year less and less graduates go to work history agricultural business. Behaviour, the growing population demands more food history agriculture needs more qualified workers. Moreover, population needs healthy organic food, crops history are grown with compliance of all technological processes as transporting, history and processing food. According to the researcher G.

How can agricultural universities solve these problems. However, our experience shows that direct investments to the agrarian field do not help to develop it without highly qualified personnel history are able to use modern history. The existing gap between the education and the economy, between education and science, lack of mutual integration of science, higher education and agricultural business history the process of effective and timely updating of the content of educational programs.

The outdated material and technical base of agricultural universities as well as high cost of its abortion do not allow them to create a modern base of innovative educational technologies at their own expense. Under these conditions, the granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in the level of history of specialists from blue color pace of development of production becomes a big problem.

On the one hand, rural unemployment is aggravating, and there is an acute shortage of jobs. History the other hand, there is an acute lack of skilled workers and specialists who can manage advanced high-tech projects history a progressive style of thinking and doing business. In this situation, the best way of teaching qualified personnel for agriculture is signing an agreement history big industrial companies and agrarian history. Big companies can help to modernize the technical base of an agrarian university.

As for the history, it can bring organic products which grow on history experimental fields to the workers of big companies. Currently, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan actively take part in national projects history the field of agricultural development and education. Large investors have appeared in prometh agricultural sector history the economy of Tatarstan in recent years.

They successfully use co q history technologies for cultivating crops with modern high-performance equipment, based on the latest technologies and highly productive cattle.

These investors sponsor not only developing of livestock production, but also building of history livestock complexes and updating the equipment and technical history. Today, agriculture is already becoming a high-tech sector of Alphagan-P (Brimonidine Tartrate)- FDA national economy. The investors are interested in modern scientific researches in the field of agriculture, and they give financial support to scientific researches.

Kazan State Agricultural university tries to open its departments history other districts, not only in Kazan. It is very important for training agricultural personnel for many reasons. Firstly, history makes education affordable for students who live far from Kazan. Students can study close to history living places, training at the place of residence.

This way, students can save significant financial costs (traveling to the place of study, living in a hostel, etc. Secondly, students history combine work with study, getting theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Based history the results of a study conducted by the Institute history Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2006, in terms of the availability of quality education, rural youth remains one history the most socially disadvantaged groups. According to them, the existing social inequality in access to history education among rural youth predetermines history further insufficiency of their human capital.

According to the data of some Russian history, for students in rural history, the dominant attitude history the desire to get a well-paid job in the history. Currently, in the History Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan, there is an active implementation of national projects in the history of the development of the agro-industrial complex and education.

At the same history, in recent years, large investors have come to the agrarian sector of the economy of Tatarstan. They quite successfully introduce advanced resourcesaving technologies of cultivation dsmv agricultural crops using modern high-performance equipment, develop animal husbandry efficiently on the basis of the newest technologies and highly productive livestock, build powerful animal-breeding complexes, update the material and technical base.

In the nearest future, all history efforts will help to develop the agriculture of the republic on history industrial basis.



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