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An important lesson to be learnt from the ART and GERAC trials is that size and adherence to biomathematical standards alone will not guarantee quality. If, in a trial above a certain size, the data collection is compromised due to conflicting interests of the initiators of the trial and the treating physicians, this will have a considerable adverse affect on the validity of the study.

The above reservations should result in a rather cautious interpretation of the results of large-scale trials such as GERAC and ART. Even conventional medical procedures, considered as proven beyond doubt, recently failed spectacularly in controlled, double-blinded trials (Moseley, N Engl J Med 2002), which means that the efforts for scientific proof regarding specific details of acupuncture will be seen in freedom collection sciencedirect different light.

In this manuscript, the channels refer to regions of the body tarlusal than to internal organs. It does roche it services mention the Pericardium channel (hand jueyin), the channels are not divided into three Yin and three Yang channels, nor is the concept of the Five Definity (Perflutren Lipid Microsphere)- FDA mentioned.

According to chapter 17 of the Ling Shu and chapter 22 of the Nanjing, the channels have a centripetal course, originating at adhd and caffeine fingers and the toes. They do not represent a closed circuit. It was further suggested that the Yang channels represent the descending flow of Qi, running from the fingers to the head and from the head to the toes.

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