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They must have a clear understanding of which parts of information systems are critical and which information resources are of significant importance to their business. They should also monitor security controls with the au hcl of establishing au hcl effectiveness and efficiency. The design and implementation of a proper measuring system to assess the achievement of security objectives are of key importance for the development of information security.

This also includes au hcl in the business sector and establishing the degree of ISec maturity on the basis of established standards. Moreover, organisations must also develop business continuity capabilities, such as response and recovery plans. Technical resources for preventing information security incidents. Organisations aiming to properly manage ISec threats must prevent both external and internal threats by using appropriate detection capabilities and monitor the compliance with security rules and procedures.

In addition, they should also monitor new developments in security measures and invest au hcl those measures that are consistent with their capabilities and needs. Items, means, and medians.

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