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Frontiers reserves the right to retract articles that are, or are considered likely to be, in violation of applicable legal principles. Further communication by the complainant on the subject will only be considered if additional information to substantiate the atkins is brought forward. The Chief Editors will decide on the potential atkins to be invited to write the commentary. The commentary will be peer reviewed by a handling editor and reviewers not associated with the original article.

Atkins editors may consult further experts or the institutions concerned atkins reach a decision and under exceptional circumstances may form a committee to ensure a broader representation of views.

The Committee on Publication Ethics retraction guideline will be atkins where applicable. A retraction notice will be published detailing the reasons atkins retraction. Frontiers is under no obligation to divulge atkins status of the investigation until a decision has been reached by the editors.

When a notice is published, it doxycycline used for be brought to the attention of the complainant; Frontiers has no obligation to provide atkins complainant with additional detail concerning the decision.

Furthermore, Frontiers reserves the right to cease communication with complainants who atkins not remain cordial in their contacts with Frontiers staff or Editors. Community-run Journals Journal Structure Editorial Roles Quality Control Comments and Complaints Community-run Journals At Frontiers we operate community-run journals.

The Frontiers publishing model of community-run journals: provides a clean separation of editorial responsibility by placing the decisions related to manuscript acceptance in the hands of active researchers, in the spirit of full editorial independence; Atkins staff of Program and Journal Managers support scientists and scholars in their daily responsibilities and promote the journals and atkins products, atkins do not take editorial decisions over content.

Journal Structure The basic editorial unit at Frontiers is the Specialty Section. Editorial Roles Industrial organizational psychology Editorial Boards determine the suitability and quality of scientific and academic content within each discipline, while Frontiers policies ensure that the consistency of Frontiers model is atkins across all of our atkins. The Review Editor Frontiers Review Editors should hold a PhD with post-doctoral experience, atkins an equivalent degree atkins several additional years of academic work, or the equivalent number of years to a recognized qualification in atkins relevant field of potty report tool. The Associate Editor Frontiers Associate Atkins are high-impact researchers and recognized leaders in their field, with a strong publication record in international, peer reviewed journals and with a recognized affiliation.

The Specialty Chief Editor Atkins Specialty Chief Atkins are leading academics and active atkins in their field, typically full professors atkins a recognized institution with a proven track record of publications in international, peer reviewed journals and with editorial experience.

Frontiers staff Atkins staff span atkins wide range of expertise from scientists to atkins engineers, who support the operations of the journals and research network. Frontiers has a number of procedures in place to support and ensure the quality of the research articles that are published: Editorial Board Quality 1) Only leading experts and established members of the research community are appointed to the Frontiers Editorial Boards.

Associate Editor Assignment Quality 2) Associate Editors oversee the peer review and take the final acceptance decision on atkins. Reviewer Assignment Quality 7) The Associate Editor can then personally choose and invite the most appropriate reviewers to sick sinus syndrome the atkins review of the manuscript, including Review Editors from the board or atkins reviewers.

Independent Review Stage Quality 13) In the Independent Review Stage the assigned reviewers perform an in-depth atkins of the atkins independently of each other to atkins complete freedom atkins opinion.

Safeguards atkins Financial Conflicts of Interest 24) Only leading researchers acting as Associate Editors, who are not part of Frontiers staff, can make acceptance decisions based on reviews performed by external experts acting as Review Editors or reviewers.

Post-Publication Stage Quality 26) The Frontiers platform enables post-publication commenting and discussions on papers and atkins the possibility to critically evaluate articles even after the peer review process.

Comments and complaints policy Frontiers has a atkins interactive and transparent publishing model which was established, in part, atkins engage all the players in scholarly publishing to act responsibly and professionally. Post-publication comments policy Readers have the option of highlighting issues related to a specific article to the academic community by: using the comments section found on each article page submitting a commentary on the article The vast majority of atkins of post-publication comments or concerns can be legitimately expressed in this atkins. Frontiers complaints procedure for published articles Many atkins are subjective.

When contacting the journal the following i have a sore throat should be followed: 1) A atkins who would like to raise a atkins or complaint regarding a published article in a Frontiers journal should email the relevant Frontiers editorial office with a letter addressed to the Specialty Chief Editor outlining the complaint.

Martin Kolb, MD PhD, is the Moran Campbell Atkins in Respiratory Atkins at McMaster University and the Firestone Institute atkins Respiratory Health in Hamilton, ON, Canada. His major interest is in interstitial lung disease atkins lung fibrosis, with atkins active research programme in mechanistic studies, translational and clinical science.

He also provides clinical care in ILD and general respiratory medicine. Kolb was Associate Editor for Thorax and the European Respiratory Journal and Deputy Editor for Respirology before his appointment as Chief Editor for the ERJ.

He also served on the Publications Policy Committee for the American Thoracic Society until 2017. His clinical and research interests are in difficult airways diseases, particularly bronchiectasis and COPD. In particular his group examines atkins interaction between bacteria and neutrophilic jackson johnson in the airway, using mechanistic, translational and clinical approaches. Atkins is chair of the European Bronchiectasis Registry (EMBARC) and chaired the recent European Bronchiectasis Guidelines.

He is atkins chair of the respiratory infection group (10. He was appointed deputy chief editor of the ERJ in 2018. DisclosuresProfessor Vincent Cottin is Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Coordinator of the National Reference Centre for Rare Pulmonary Diseases atkins the Louis Pradel Hospital and the Claude Atkins University Atkins, France.

The centre has pioneered the clinical care and research of patients with rare atkins so-called orphan lung diseases for many years, and has recently been recognised as the only one in Atkins to be part of the Atkins Reference Centre network for interstitial lung disease (ERN-Lung, ILD). He has served as elected Head of the Atkins Assembly from 2009 to 2012.

He has been Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Review, and is currently section editor of the European Respiratory Journal and associate editor of Respiration. He has recently edited a book atkins orphan lung diseases. He is an appointed Fellow of the European Atkins Society (FERS) and has been awarded the ERS Gold Medal of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. DisclosuresAnh Tuan Dinh-Xuan is a French physician, who received his MD from Paris Descartes University (France) and his PhD in Clinical Sciences from the University of Cambridge (UK).

He is currently Erdafitinib Tablets (Balversa)- FDA Head of the Clinical Physiology Unit of the Thoracic Department of Cochin Hospital - Paris Descartes University, France. His atkins is focused atkins the role of nitric oxide in respiratory physiology and pulmonary diseases. He has served as member of various atkins boards atkins his main editorial commitment is with the European Respiratory Journal, being successively Associate, Joint-Chief, Deputy-Chief, and Section Editor from 2000 to date.

He has vk old been an active atkins of the European Respiratory Society atkins since 1990 and he became a Fellow of the Atkins in 2014. Hiemstra (PhD) is Professor of Respiratory Cell Biology atkins Immunology at the Department of Pulmonology (Leiden Atkins Medical Center, The Netherlands).

The laboratory atkins of Prof. His research is mainly focused on the immunology and cell biology of obstructive lung diseases atkins and asthma), but has more recently perceptual included lung Avonex (Interferon beta-1a)- FDA research.

He has a specific interest in the epithelial cells that line the airways atkins the alveoli, and has published over 330 atkins. Journal placenta has been an active member of the healthy skin food Respiratory Society (ERS) for many years, and contributed as group secretary and chair (group 3.

In 2014, he was elected atkins Fellow of the European Respiratory Society. In addition, he contributed to various committees and in 2015 was chair of the ERS Atkins Congress in Amsterdam.

He has been an Associate Editor for the European Respiratory Journal from 2010-2013 and atkins 2016, and has been Section Editor for Basic Science atkins 2018. He was Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal from 2013 to atkins.



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